Sunflower Mermaid Black

Introducing our exquisite Mermaid Black Dress, a stunning and versatile garment designed to elevate your maternity photo shoots and baby showers with its captivating features. With its long sleeves, exaggerated chiffon bottom, and round neck, this dress exudes elegance and celebrates the beauty of motherhood.

Estimated size: S(32) to L(36)

A daily hire rate of R399.00 applies with a refundable deposit of R250.00.

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In a timeless and sophisticated black hue, this dress embraces the allure of a mermaid silhouette. The fitted bodice and long sleeves gracefully enhance your curves, providing a flattering and comfortable fit that accentuates your growing baby bump. The black color symbolizes strength and elegance, capturing the essence of your journey into motherhood. The exaggerated chiffon bottom adds a touch of drama and femininity. It creates movement and adds a sense of whimsy to your photos, making them truly enchanting and memorable. The round neck design offers a classic and refined look, framing your face with elegance and grace. It allows you to accessorize with your favorite jewelry pieces, enhancing your overall style and adding a personal touch to your maternity attire.

Crafted with attention to detail and using high-quality materials, this dress ensures both style and comfort. The long sleeves provide coverage and warmth, while the exquisite chiffon fabric adds a light and airy feel to the dress, allowing you to move with ease and radiate confidence during your photo shoots and baby showers.

The Mermaid Black Dress is a versatile choice, suitable for both maternity photo shoots and baby showers. Its timeless design transitions seamlessly from capturing breathtaking images to celebrating the joy and anticipation of your little one’s arrival. With its unique combination of elegance and comfort, this dress is sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

Embrace the beauty and grace of our Mermaid Black Dress, a garment that effortlessly embodies the essence of motherhood. Let this dress be your companion in capturing unforgettable maternity moments and celebrating the joyous occasions leading up to your baby’s arrival. With its long sleeves, exaggerated chiffon bottom, and round neck, it promises to make you feel radiant, empowered, and beautifully confident throughout your maternity journey.


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