Daisy Wine

Introducing our Wine Infinity Dress, a versatile and chic garment designed to celebrate motherhood with style and grace. With its endless styling options, A-line skirt, and separate top (optional) for extra coverage, this dress is perfect for baby showers and captivating maternity photo shoots.

Estimated size: S (32) to XL (38)

A daily hire rate of R399.00 applies with a refundable deposit of R250.00.

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The true magic of the Infinity Dress lies in its ability to be styled in multiple ways, allowing you to create a look that is uniquely yours. From a classic strapless style to a trendy one-shoulder design, this dress effortlessly adapts to your personal taste and showcases your individuality.

The A-line skirt adds a touch of whimsy and femininity, gracefully flowing as you move and creating an enchanting silhouette that beautifully embraces your baby bump. The dress comes with a separate top for added versatility and coverage, allowing you to experiment with different styles while ensuring maximum comfort.In a vibrant Wine hue, this dress exudes a playful and festive vibe, setting the tone for joyful celebrations. Its rich color complements a variety of skin tones, making you the center of attention and radiating confidence and beauty.

Perfect for baby showers, the Infinity Dress adds a fun and stylish element to your special day. Whether you’re mingling with loved ones or playing games, this dress ensures you stand out as the glowing center of attention.For maternity photo shoots, the Wine Infinity Dress becomes a captivating choice that tells the story of your unique journey into motherhood. With its infinite styling options and flattering A-line skirt, it becomes a canvas for your photographer to capture the love and anticipation surrounding the arrival of your little one.

Indulge in the endless possibilities of the Wine Infinity Dress, allowing your creativity to flourish and your style to shine. Experience the joy of wearing a garment that celebrates your femininity, embraces your changing body, and adds an extra touch of magic to your baby shower and maternity photo shoot. Let this dress be a testament to the beauty of motherhood and a symbol of the incredible journey you are embarking on.


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